I was really excited to see know that Trey was coming. He’s a great guy and he’s really helped me out a lot in past classes with projects. He came to talk about our student teaching experience and what it was like for him. He really had to invest a lot of time into student teaching, teach all day and then lesson plan almost all the way until 10-12pm at night. That would be very hectic. I am looking forward to student teaching but to have this much of a time commitment was kind of scary to realize. He gave us magnificent lesson plans, which I do intend to use at some point in my teaching career. It was good to see such an extreme side to actually seeing what it was like to see what a student teacher went through. And I’m really glad that Tami invited Trey to prepare us just a little bit more for the experience. When Tami stepped out, Trey of course had nothing but good things to say, and Tami has really shown me that she really cares as an advisor. Trey had the same experience which was good, and Tami seems to still have contact with those that graduate. That makes me so happy that she’s given the extra effort to help us all out, and Trey said to not be afraid to ask questions to better yourself as a teacher. Thats great to know, because I want to be the best teacher that I can possibly be. 


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